Art in Interiors

When I think about using art in my interiors I am reminded about something that happened to me many years ago when I was moving. I had packed up all the art that was on my walls. That was all that was packed. When my friends came in they said “Well, it looks like you are pretty much packed and ready to leave.” That illustrates the importance of art in our homes. It looks like you have moved out without it.

Having meaningful art around you, art that reminds you of places you have been and experiences you have shared, brings you a sense of peace, and place. Each time you look at a painting you sit quietly with yourself and drift off to a different time and place. Art allows you to reflect, travel, remember and smile. This kind of inward reflection cannot happen when you look at a print you purchased at a box store. All you will see is a filled space on a wall. It is not personal, it does not bring you anywhere, it does not make you feel. Your home is a reflection you who you are, where you have been and things you have done. How sad if all you see and show others is that you spent an afternoon looking for something to fill a space.

Building an art collection takes time, but it always starts with one painting. Collecting art gives you a goal to look for when you spend an afternoon away with your loved one. Small road trips become journeys of adventure and each time you look at the piece you bought you will remember the day you spent together. Original art does not have to be expensive. It does not have to be appreciated and loved by all. It just has to be loved by you. Don’t be afraid to buy a piece for fear that it will not be valuable, or that others will not like it. What difference does that make? The only person you need to please is you and the only person who will remember the experience is you. But, you can tell others about how you acquired your pieces and tell the stories behind the pieces.

View a selection of paintings by one of my favorite artists, Shelly Eager.

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