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The Process of Home Staging

Home staging begins at the curbside.

Says Sandra, owner of Define by Redesign, “Upon seeing your For Sale sign, a prospective buyer usually makes a decision within seconds as to their interest in seeing more. Therefore, home staging must begin at the curbside. The goal is to make the exterior inviting enough that a buyer wants to see the inside.

Once inside, they need to envision their families living there, and imagine how they will create new memories in this home.”

Professional home staging translates into tangible results for you:

  • Adds value to your selling price
  • Confidence to ask for it
  • Motivates buyer decisions
  • Time-saving ease
  • Professional perspective

How does home staging work?

  • Home staging begins with a walk through the property to assess strong and weak points. The home stager then provides a list of recommendations that you can either implement yourself or hire Define by Redesign to handle.
  • Usually the first step is clearing and cleaning. Since you have to pack anyway, this step has double benefits.
  • Next, the home stager will help you pare down your visible possessions, rearrange furniture and “neutralize” spaces.
  • Sometimes a significant change is recommended, like removing wallpaper or repainting a room. The home staging consultant might also provide a list of small-ticket items to help “freshen” the presentation (like towels or plants).
  • If the seller wishes, Define by Redesign can handle the shopping as well, using professional resources and discounts not always available to the home owner.
  • Once the changes are made, a follow-up walk-through by the home stager is recommended.

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